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At Doncaster Golf Range, we're very fortunate to have one of the very best club fitters in the country on hand to ensure your bag is technically on point.


From putter, wedges all the way through to driver, John will be on hand to provide a first class service with access to the leading manufacturers in golf equipment and tech at his disposal.


With an unbiased outlook on the fitting, he will ensure your time with him is precise and accurate using our state of the art indoor simulator and putting green facility, leaving you in no doubt that you're walking away with the right clubs for you.

Club fitting is £40 per session

Note: Fitting fee is deducted if any club purchase is made



After cutting his teeth as a professional golfer on what was the Mastercard Tour from 1997, John Bragger has worked in the industry for over 25 years with some of the leading manufacturers in golf, more notably Ping from 2002 covering their fittings throughout the UK. This then developed into a territory role from 2004, covering the north of England and Scotland where he met and dealt with a variety of clubs and professionals, forging relationships throughout the industry which still stands today. 

Fast forward to 2017, John joined the team at DGR as Head of Custom Fitting, utilising the purpose-built simulator as well as the recently added putting green facility to ensure each club in the bag is fitted with precision. John's skills are known nationwide, with clients travelling from all over the UK to ensure they get the very best service.

John is also backed by one of the biggest brands in golf, Callaway; a relationship which has stood for over 20+ years since his professional playing days.



At DGR, we are fortunate to have a huge variety of equipment from all the leading manufacturers in golf to ensure John can cary out club fittings for all abilities, ages and sizes.


With so many intricate details to consider when fitting, it's of paramount importance that John has all the necessary tools to provide you, the customer, with the best fitting possible for your desired needs.


We are proud to provide such a huge variety of options throughout the process to allow optimum performance and overall satisfaction and give John the facility he needs to maintain his top-tier reputation as one of the UK's leading fitters.



Having a designated space for club fitting is paramount to ensuring the data collected during fitting is correct and precise. This will then allow John to take data from the market-leading GC-Quad and begin the fitting process with trusted technology. Our indoor simulator features a 4k projector for clear pictures from the sim as well as a monitor for John to use for tweaking and controlling the Foresight technology.

We use GCQuad launch monitors in our fitting simulator, which are the most accurate launch monitors for indoor use. Thanks to its precise sub-millimetre measurement of the golf ball and club, Foresight technology ensures instant, clear, accurate and reliable feedback for golfers of all ages and abilities. No other launch monitor technology compares to the GCQuad when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight.



When golfers think of club fittings, a putter is often overlooked yet it's arguably the most used club in the bag during a round of golf.


At DGR, we have recently invested in a brand new putting area dedicated for not only practicing those tricky six-footers, but to provide a great area for John to deliver a technical and precise fitting.


With various hole positions, undulations and putting lengths, it provides a variety of shots to practice. Why not have a roll the next time you visit?

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